SMSF lending

Aah… the sweet scent of retirement.

Australians have mastered the long weekend. And retirement should be one huge long weekend – possibly 30 years! So it makes sense to plan for it a long way in advance so you can make it the best long weekend of your life.

Many of the large corporate super funds are scaring their customers away with exorbitant fee structures and poor returns. Consequently, Self-Managed Super Funds have become a common element on the retirement planning landscape.

As with all savings programs, the sooner you start, the more you have. The problem is, when you’re young you don’t have the free cash to put aside. That’s when borrowing to invest may be the smartest decision of your life. That money you borrow in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s could increase by a factor of 5, 10 or more if invested wisely and for long enough. And with the significant benefit of compound interest – there is no time like the present to look after your future.

Retirement sounds good, right? At Noble, we think early retirement sounds even better. Call to learn how this dream may become your reality. Our brokers know all the ins and outs and can be of great assistance in guiding you to a relaxing outcome – sooner than you think.