Insurance Premium Funding

It’s all about Cash Flow.

In any business, Cash Flow is King. Insurance Premium Funding allows you to stretch your premiums out over the year rather than being hit with a big One Off payment each year that can really hurt.

Every business needs Insurance. The business world is too risky to operate without it. So let us organise the deal to suit your business’s needs.

Insurance Premium Funding can be arranged for most commercial insurance needs including –

  • Professional indemnity,
  • Workers compensation,
  • Public liability,
  • Motor vehicle,
  • Asset insurance.

Our brokers are experts in this field of finance and can assist with the technical questions business owners often have. Best of all, the interest charged on the loan may be tax deductable (so check with your Accountant to see how this can benefit you).

So free up your cash flow while reducing your business’s exposure to risk. Talk to the Noble team about how to arrange a free consultation to discuss your insurance premium funding requirements.