Shane Crisford-Eade

Credit Advisor
0411 540 579

I am passionate about finding the right financial solutions for all my clients. My philosophy is that a great Mortgage Broker is a Project Manager. Someone you rely on from the start, to help with all your financial needs and goals.

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I am passionate about finding the right solution for each client I believe that I always and will continue to research and find the most suitable lender for my clients specific situation and scenario. The last 8 clients have all been very different and we have used 8 different lenders to find the solution. (Macquarie bank, NAB, St George, CBA, ANZ, Bluestone, ING, Newcastle Permanent)

What makes you Different to other people/other brokers:

Three main areas I investigate with my clients:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your short term requirement?
  3. What is in your future?

It is very important to me to understand my clients in detail. I am not after the one off deals. I believe in making life-long customers that are based on a transparent, trustworthy and engaging professional relationship.

Why did become a Mortgage Broker?

Finance broking ticked all the boxes. That is why I believe I make a great broker. I am not going to just do a home loan or car loan or a commercial loan for you. I want to work with you for life, to truly understanding who you are and what you want and help you achieve your goals.

The reason I became a finance broker is I look at the things I want in life:

  1. An industry that put’s the client needs first and when done right you help them meet there goals.
  2. People, meeting real people
  3. Flexibility in work/home life.
  4. Numbers, I love numbers.

Explain how you personally understand your customers’ struggles

Having worked with client with a wide range of needs it means I need to be good at understand what is important for you and researching all your options so we can have an informed conversation.

I am not employed by a bank to sell their products, this is a very big differentiation to me to. I am here to work with you on an outcome that is most suitable for you and your family to get you where you want to go.


  • Member of PLAN Australia
  • Member of the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia)
  • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking)
  • Member of CIO ( Credit and Investments Ombudsman )


Shane mad the entire process smooth and simple and his communication was excellent, keeping me updated at all times.

Shane definitely takes the stress out of the entire process, leaving me time to concentrate on other concerns like furniture choices, etc.

Kurtis White

Shane was very professional in his communication and provided a clear assessment of the options best suited to my personal financial situation when refinancing. He was also very efficient in getting the contract through so that I received the special offer being offered by Newcastle Permanent.

I would be comfortable to recommend Shane to my friends. I’d tell them to give him a call and I’d be very surprised if he didn’t save them some money.

Peter Wright